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Message From The President

For more than ten years American Test & Balance, Inc. (ATB) has relied on its team of experienced, dedicated and talented engineers and technicians who readily contribute their know-how and expertise to our clients' projects. Thanks to a well-established team spirit and a culture of knowledge sharing, ATB succeeds where others hesitate or find obstacles.

Our resolution to maintain and continually develop our expertise is undeniably a critical asset that is sought and appreciated by our clients. To remain highly efficient and to set ourselves apart, we consider it essential to contribute to the professional development of our employees by providing them seminars and trainings. Our principle is very simple: if we can contribute to your success, your success will also be our success.

By always applying this principle, ATB has become a world-class multidisciplinary firm providing high-quality and value-added services, as well as a range of complementary services for the HVAC & Cleanroom industry.

Although our main areas of activity are HVAC & Cleanrooms, our strengths and our expertise are also sought in other fields where we apply our passion for developing innovative solutions. As ATB is always growing, it continually adapts to a changing world, and this is how we remain a partner of choice for our clients.

Finally, nothing is more important to me than ensuring that our clients are euphoric about the results we deliver. Client satisfaction is merely a baseline for what’s acceptable, not something that should be treated as the goal. We’ll go above and beyond your expectations, and provide unbiased solutions that best meet your needs. You have my personal commitment that we’ll deliver on the promises we make.


David A. Rosa, PE

It is our responsibility to contribute to the building environment in a positive way. To achieve this, the quality of our service must be held as the highest goal.

Contact Information

PO Box 366584
San Juan, P.R. 00936-6584

Phone: (787) 781 - 7654
Fax: (787) 783 - 6117

General Information: info@american-test.com
Sales: sales@american-test.com
Customer Support: d.rosa@american-test.com

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