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Testing Adjusting and Balancing of HVAC Systems

Testing, adjusting, and balancing is the process of checking and adjusting the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and subsystems to perform at the design intent and operate at an optimum level. This process includes review of the design documents for balanceability and a methodical approach to test and balance all systems to their optimal performance with verifiable test results.

A well performed testing, adjusting & balancing work is essential to the proper performance of building HVAC systems and the resultant indoor air quality. Our personnel have extensive experience in performing TAB work.

Testing adjusting and balancing is an opportunity to:

Minimize energy and operating cost
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Improve comfort
Optimize facilities equipment performance
Lower humidity
Reduce maintenance costs
Increase employee productivity
Reduce equipment failure.


Air Balancing

* Constant Volume Systems
* Multizone Systems
* Dual Duct Systems
* Induction Systems
* Variable Air Volume Systems

Hydronic Balancing

* Chilled Water Systems
* Condensing Water Systems
* Reheat Water Systems
* Pumps
* Chillers

Performance Tests for:

* Cooling Towers
* Cooling & Heating Coils
* Pumps, Chillers, Heat Exchangers
* Dehumidifiers
* Air Handling Units

Duct Pressurization/ Leakage Testing

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It is our responsibility to contribute to the building environment in a positive way. To achieve this, the quality of our service must be held as the highest goal.

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