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Trainings & Professional Courses

American Test & Balance, Inc. (ATB) believes that training and education are essential to the development of the industry professional. By this reason ATB has developed and added to its services, professional courses and seminars.

To accomplish this, ATB has joined resources with Technology Learning Institute (TLI). As a business partner, Technology Learning Institute will offer all courses and seminars to ATB personnel, and to the industry professional.

Our main goal is to provide quality courses of continuing education. Our professional development program is geared to help you gain new, updated or complementary knowledge and skills to advance yourself in a chosen career field.

This program can help you:

* Maintain proficiency in your current profession.
* Enhance abilities needed for promotion within your organization.
* Prepare for a transition to a new career field or improve skills to return to the workplace.

Classes can be arranged for your organization at your work site. We offer high-quality courses at reasonable prices. Our instructors are qualified and industry-experienced.

We offer courses in the following areas:

* Cleanrooms
* Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
* Energy Conservation
* Safety and Occupational Health
* Indoor Air Quality

For more information visit Technology Learning Institute at the following web site: www.tlipr.net

It is our responsibility to contribute to the building environment in a positive way. To achieve this, the quality of our service must be held as the highest goal.

Contact Information

PO Box 366584
San Juan, P.R. 00936-6584

Phone: (787) 781 - 7654
Fax: (787) 783 - 6117

General Information: info@american-test.com
Sales: sales@american-test.com
Customer Support: d.rosa@american-test.com

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